Do not sail blindly on technology!

Optimize your information security through insight.

(Too) often information security decisions are made from gut feel, with technology as the only solution, instead of being made based on progressive insight.

More and more companies appear in the news because their IT environment was hacked and sensitive and personal customer information has been made public. This is devastating for the company's reputation and therefore its customer base and revenue.

Information security is crucial for the continuity of your business. It is therefore a comforting thought when your information security is in order. Now and in the future.

Soapbox Security consists of professionals with a long track record in the field of security. We optimize your information security policies and offer clear insight into the state of your security, your business continuity and your compliance. However, it is not just important that you are and remain secure, but also that you are able to react adequately, recover and minimize the impact if things go wrong. Like the traditional 'Soapbox', we provide an elevated platform in which insight and communication are essential.

The philosophy of Soapbox Security:

  • 1.

    Everything is about continuous insight.

    (Too) often decisions within information security are made from fear and gut feel, instead of being based on progressive insight.

  • 2.

    Shared accountability leads to success.

    Lack of clarity about the right steps in an improvement process, about how accountability is shared between different departments and how this is reported, stands in the way of optimization.

  • 3.

    Information security is about making decisions from uncertainty, and less about risk management.

    Within cybersecurity, it is fundamentally impossible to predict the likelihood that events will actually occur and what the impact will be.

  • 4.

    There is no such thing as 100% secure.

    A common misconception is, that a company must achieve 100% security. Compare this to the aviation industry where safety has the highest priority, but flying is not considered 100% safe. There is an inherent risk in flying and cybersecurity is no different!

  • 5.

    Balance between prevention and response.

    The most successful strategy finds the right balance between preventive investments, and investments that help with responsiveness, recoverability and impact minimization.

  • 6.

    In a world where everything is connected, security is as strong as the weakest link

    Our focus is on your business processes, your supply chain and your employees. After all, investments in technology only really lead to an improvement if all links inside and outside your company are equally strong.

soapbox security

Why Soapbox Security?

  • 20 years of security experience at leading multinationals;

  • From risk management to uncertainty management;

  • Focus on business operations: process optimization and employees are central; technology is used in support;

  • Our unique metric framework, which provides quick and effective insight into your security posture. Previously deployed at multinationals and repeatedly honored with industry awards;

  • Experienced in C-level communication and cybersecurity reporting.

Our solutions

CISO as a service

Soapbox Security offers you a temporary CISO as-a-service, consisting of professionals with a long track record at multinational companies, who are well acquainted with the market and current security challenges.

Security Insight

Soapbox Security provides an integrated security metrics framework that gives you continuous insight into your information security and, in combination with business intelligence, allows you to execute an effective and efficient security program.

Security Assessment

You see that companies regularly come to a standstill because of security attacks. You wonder if this could also happen to your organization. However, it is unclear where you stand with regard to cyber security.

Soapbox? Where does the name come from

A catchy, recognizable, and unique name for our company that links to our services results in the following name: Soapbox Security.

Soapbox refers to the custom that originated in the 19th century of standing on a wooden crate, often a crate used for soap storage, to make yourself heard passionately. These people were often not heard elsewhere and saw this raised platform as a way to still get their message out to a wider audience. We see parallels here with people working in information security!

The term 'getting on my soapbox' is still widely used in the English language today and in the speakers’ corner of Hyde Park, London, people are still, every weekend, standing on wooden crates to orate.

soapbox security