Our Mission

Making security insightful, that's what we stand for. We offer models that enable you to start using security metrics and come to better decision making, with the goal of improving the security of the business.

Information security is critical to the continuity of your business. It is therefore reassuring when your information security is in order. Now and in the future.

Soapbox Security was founded by two experienced security professionals, who previously worked at leading multinationals. There we discovered our great passion: the development of security metrics.

We discovered that there was little or no measurement within cybersecurity. When we did start measuring, it led to an unprecedented improvement within a short period of time.

Some companies invest in security tools, but there is no measurement of the extent to which they contribute to a better security posture.

In other companies, the problem is that security teams fail to communicate effectively about security, so that the necessary investments are difficult to defend or not made at all.

And sometimes it's a combination.

This is what Soapbox Security stands for. Stop managing security from the gut, and fear of what might happen, start measuring and communicating the facts.

Soapbox Security will help you get on your soapbox!

Our Team

Hessel Heerebout

Hessel Heerebout

A passionate team player, excellent organizer and flexible conversationalist who is pleasant to work with. With integrity and customer focus high on the agenda. Has years of experience leading InfoSec teams at large multinationals, where he also reported on security to board and executive leadership. He specializes in Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), Security Awareness, IT Service and Program Management and Security Metrics.

Hessel's belief is that security should be simple and collaborative: only if we stimulate and reward your employees for making the right security decisions your InfoSec policy will be successful!

Gerwin Tijink

Gerwin Tijink

Technical leader with over twenty years of experience in Information Security, gained at leading multinational companies. As an InfoSec architect, has been at the forefront of security metrics programs that have received multiple industry awards. Specialized in Data Security and classification, data identity and tagging, risk frameworks and security metrics.

Gerwin stands for modern InfoSec solutions for companies that have issues with secure digitization, making your security measurable and the new reality of a hybrid workforce.

Our solutions

CISO as a service

Soapbox Security offers you a temporary CISO as-a-service, consisting of professionals with a long track record at multinational companies, who are well acquainted with the market and current security challenges.

Security Insight

Soapbox Security provides an integrated security metrics framework that gives you continuous insight into your information security and, in combination with business intelligence, allows you to execute an effective and efficient security program.

Security Assessment

You see that companies regularly come to a standstill because of security attacks. You wonder if this could also happen to your organization. However, it is unclear where you stand with regard to cyber security.