A temporary CISO, for permanent peace of mind

Soapbox Security offers you a temporary CISO as-a-service, consisting of professionals with a long track record at multinational companies, who are well acquainted with the market and current security challenges.

Your company is currently missing a security advocate who represents your company's security interests. Maybe because you cannot justify a full-time CISO, or maybe because you are struggling to find a suitable candidate in this tight labor market. This prevents:

  • gathering insights needed for information security in line with the risks you want to take.

  • formulating a clear information security strategy, so that your executive management is sufficiently informed to give security the right priority

  • making the right investments that, on balance, contribute most to your information security.

  • acting correctly or in a timely manner in the event of incidents, audits or challenges in the area of compliance and legislation.

  • guaranteeing your business continuity.

  • supporting the implementation of specific parts of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) or security guidance for your most important IT projects.

You are looking for a (temporary) CISO who will be there right away and take care of initial concerns, but who can also develop a long-term vision for your company in the field of information security.

All this to support your drive towards digitalization and to cope with the growing threats and complexities of information security. This CISO represents information security and its critical importance within your organization and takes into account the continuity of your business. It is a reassuring thought when your information security is in order. Now and in the future.

ciso as a service

CISO as a service

Soapbox security offers you a temporary tailor-made CISO, consisting of professionals with a long track record at multinationals and a good knowledge of the security challenges within your industry. We are also available as a sounding board for your current CISO.

Our philosophy is based on prevention, but a "100% secure" objective is not achievable. It is important to balance investments between prevention and response when protecting your business processes, supply chain, and employees to minimize the impact of an incident. Continuous insight, reporting and shared accountability play a central role. Within our philosophy risk management is not the only or most important part of an information security program. There are too many unknown factors and complexities to define risk.

We offer clear insight into your information security and optimize your policy. We provide security management advice and guidance on specific projects, the long-term implementation of an ISMS and the rollout of a security strategy that meets the needs of your business.

Our starting point is to provide insight into the five main pillars of your business: aligning both your policy and your employees, business processes, technology, legislation, and supply chain. We make visible where your business critical data resides and what the potential weaknesses are.

In the event that you would like to engage a CISO service from us in the short term, this can be completed with urgency. For the longer term, we offer a number of core tasks that you can obtain from us at will:

  • Policy support

    a. Introducing security frameworks within your organization and planning, defining, writing, approving or optimizing security policies and processes.
    b. Establishing accountability around security within your business model, implementing organizational structures, creating support and defining your risk appetite.
    c. Creating your information security vision, strategy and guide and plan your information security program and annual plan.

  • Researching the most effective security solutions aligned with your budget and risk appetite.

  • Defining your Security Performance Indicators (SPI) and other relevant security metrics and objectives, and reporting them effectively to peers, executive management and your board of directors.

  • Security governance and compliance, in the form of support for internal and external audits, and guidance and advice on audit findings and areas for improvement

  • Establishing a customer information security clearinghouse so you can respond efficiently, timely and completely to the most frequently asked security questions.

Our service is a unique way to get cybersecurity expertise quickly and cost-effectively, fully tailored to your organization's needs.

We have a strong focus on standards, making our service widely applicable across many companies and industries.

Our staff has extensive experience leading InfoSec organizations around the world. They have a track record of successfully building and managing security programs, increasing employee engagement in cybersecurity, and representing cybersecurity at the board level.

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