Could it happen to us? To measure is to know

You see that companies regularly come to a standstill because of security attacks. You wonder if this could also happen to your organization. However, it is unclear where you stand with regard to cyber security. To measure is to know.

This lack of understanding means you do not know:

  • how secure your business currently is and what you need to do to become more secure?

  • what the cyber maturity of your business is today

  • whether you are able to avert something like a ransomware attack

  • whether you are able to respond quickly and adequately and restore your operational state, if something like a ransomware attack happens

  • What areas of improvement you can expect to comply with, and certify to, an audit

  • how to formulate a narrative and priorities within your cyber security strategy

You would like to know how secure your organization is and what you need to do to further improve your security.

In addition, you would like to understand how mature your organization is in terms of security, compared to similar companies within your industry. You would also like to know if your company is ready to avert a ransomware attack and/or if you would be able to restore your operational state in a timely manner.

A baseline security assessment, the first step towards improvement

A security assessment or baseline measurement is the first step in any security protection program. Because of its importance, a survey should be conducted by professionals who are able to identify, classify and prioritize weaknesses and areas for improvement. This forms the basis for a plan of action and security strategy, in line with the company's objectives.

Perhaps you also need to comply with specific regulations and legislation, such as those in the healthcare and financial sectors, or you need to comply with GDPR (AVG) or other privacy legislation. Especially then, a security assessment is essential.

For your customers or your own supply chain, a security assessment stands for transparency, and you generate confidence because you take cybersecurity and information security seriously.

You get a first insight that gives direction to your security strategy and investment issues in order to guarantee the continuity of your business.


An assessment with follow-up steps. So you know what to do

Each company is different in size, objectives and organization, and therefore it is important to determine the scope of an assessment that best meets your expectations. We then gather sufficient relevant information, based on scans, tests and interviews with your employees.

We analyze this information and document our findings in a comprehensive report. In a handover to you and all other stakeholders within your organization, we present an outline of our findings, provide explanations and make the translation to your context. Together with you, we will come to possible next steps and an action plan.

We have a number of assessments in our portfolio for this purpose:

  • 1.
    Self Assessment

    A free self-assessment with an immediate score and a report that you can download containing indicators for possible next steps.

  • 2.
    The baseline measurement (incl security maturity assessment)

    a combined survey that identifies the current state of the total spectrum of your information security, current strategy and compliance.

  • 3.

    an assessment to examine your resilience to specific threats. We can tailor this to your needs.

    Common threat-specific assessments are:

    1. Ransomware readiness: We examine whether your company is resistant to a ransomware attack. We also examine whether your systems are set up in such a way that you can quickly recover from a successful ransomware attack
    2. Mystery guest assessment, where physical security is also tested
    3. Third-Party / Supply Chain Assessment, for your most important subcontractors
    4. GDPR - AVG assessment, answer the question to what extent you are compliant, and Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) to identify privacy risks
security assessment

Soapbox security follows industry standards when assessing security within your organization.

. We use professionals who are highly experienced in performing security assessments at different types of enterprises. This has the advantage that we are quickly able to identify, classify and prioritize any weaknesses and areas for improvement. This ultimately forms the basis for a plan of action and security strategy, in line with the objectives of your company. If there are specific regulations and legislation within your industry (eg financial services, healthcare ...), then Soapbox Security can also help you with that.

Let's work together

Don't hesitate to contact Soapbox Security to help you implement, document, maintain and improve your information security. Do you want a first impression of your security maturity? Do our self scan (coming soon), this will take about 10 minutes of your time and will give you a first indication.

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